Questions to ask before Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dallas

By • on July 9, 2010 • Filed under: Dallas Plastic Surgery, Dallas Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dallas Tummy Tuck surgery is often referred to as abdominoplasty surgery. It is a plastic surgery procedure that is meant tighten abdominal muscles and skin. It is often performed after multiple pregnancies or weight loss.

Some questions you should ask before choosing a Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon are:

  1. Am I good candidate for abdominoplasty? If you’re not close to your ideal weight then you probably shouldn’t be getting a tummy tuck.
  2. How many Tummy Tuck surgeries have you performed? Be sure to see before and after pictures as well as getting references. Also remember that if you do get your surgery completed by this surgeon then you should be prepared to share the results with others just like you expect.
  3. Which Tummy Tuck surgery is right for me? There are many different types of tummy tuck surgeries. Make sure to choose which one is right for you.
  4. How much does the surgery cost? Do you have financing available?
  5. How should I prepare for tummy tuck surgery? Be sure you are up front about any medication you might be taking so your surgeon can tell you exactly what pre-surgery steps you need to take.
  6. What are the common side effects? It’s a minimal risk procedure but you always want to know what could happen before any surgery.
  7. What is the recovery process like? Make sure that you’ll be able to complete your daily routine if needed after the surgery.
  8. How can I maintain my figure after undergoing tummy tuck surgery? The answer is pretty simple, good diet and regular exercise but your surgeon may have some other suggestions you’ll want to consider.

Getting tummy tuck plastic surgery can help restore your belly to the way it was before kids or weight loss. It can be a great way to get that flat stomach back you once had. Contact us to get your tummy tuck surgery in Dallas today.

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